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I do not normally speak out of persona on my pages, but this weekend I had a theft at my artist table at comicpalooza in Houston, Tx. That I feel needs to be addressed, so that the person at fault can be found and on principle my item returned.

On 5/24/2014 I had to leave the con early to…



This is a photo of Arielle Lipsen (a good friend of mine) who was thrown to the ground and hit with the butt of a DEA agent’s rifle. She is now wrongfully being charged with assaulting a federal agent during a DEA raid of her sister’s smoke shop in Texas. Her sister gave the following statement to a local news site:

“She was having a conversation with a female agent, and trying to give the agents the lock code,” Ilana Lipsen claimed. “She was trying to tell them there was no key, but a code. There were too many officers and about half of them were doing nothing, then this one agent charged at her, threw her, kicked her legs out from under her, and when she was falling, her leg brushed up against his leg. That’s when he said ‘you’re trying to beat a federal agent’ and shoved the butt of his rifle into her neck.” (via BigBendNow)

Arielle reached out to me last night asking if I could help get eyes on her story because not only is she being wrongly accused, but her bond restrictions are insane. She said: "Part of the bond restrictions is that my sister retract all her statements from the press and say that I was never assaulted and that she lied."

There are a lot more details here, here and here.

She asked me if I could get people’s eyes on this story. This is a thing to scream about. There’s no reason for a federal agent to put his hands on an unarmed, unthreatening citizen. Not only was she assaulted (LOOK AT THAT PHOTO) but now they might actually send her to jail.

Wow. Can they put restrictions like that on her bond?? They won’t let her out unless they tell the press they lied? I can’t eve wrap my brain around that.

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Ragtag impromptu #studio session with @androidgenius and @StephennFarris. #moog #roland #juno #ableton #vintage #synths


The V-Combo VR-09 Live Performance Keyboard and the SPD-SX Sampling Pad. #roland #synth #Synthesizer #drums #music #musicgear

gear lust!

Thanks to @lifebeginsatmidnight for this gr8 pic at the last @blackouthtx event. Chopping #visuals live for @djhappycolors @justleckie & @caddyapedrums. s/o to #lightartinteractive for their bright #projector! #htxmf #houston #art


Tom Jenkinson on video synthesizers, synaesthesia and self-indulgence

#footwork #juke? #erictodd

#cat #graffiti in #Houston.

just added to #BoxtoberFest. #Box13artspace is going to host a parade with free #Karbach beer. You can even make your own float for the parade! Festivities noon to 6. Parade after.

Didn’t notice this yesterday. #graffiti #streetart #houston #wheatpaste #713

#BiblesOnFire #PooPooPlatter #Atx #wtf Epicness…😐😐😐 #nofilter #NoWords (at Elysium)

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